The Problem

Mental health needs among college students continue to rise. Many students are experiencing their first major life transition, and approximately 1/3 report feelings of anxiety and/or depression. Despite this need, most college campuses aren't properly staffed to meet the demand and often refer their students to off-campus services.

For low-income students, off-campus services may seem unattainable because of expensive copays and high deductibles, especially with increasing student living costs.

Acacia ROOTS Fund

Acacia Counseling & Wellness provides college students and young adults a safe, supportive space in which they receive quality, long-term, and consistent mental health care that is highly accessible, affordable, specialized, and culturally sensitive. We provide holistic care, workshops, and social programming geared toward enhancing student well-being. We continually work toward destigmatizing mental health services and provide students with a positive space where they can obtain direct mental health treatment, as well as receive valuable programming and education to assist in their understanding of mental illness.

The Acacia ROOTS Fund began when there was a recurring need for help among low-income students to afford mental health services. Acacia ROOTS Fund helps students finance their insurance co-payments, coinsurance, deductibles, and other financial barriers that prevent many from accessing much-needed services. Additionally, Acacia ROOTS Fund provides student based mental health education and outreach
opportunities to students and therapists who serve students. The fund is guided by three primary objectives: 


Provide student-oriented mental health education and outreach opportunities to student communities and therapists who serve students, including workshops, seminars, and speaker events.


Outreach efforts geared toward increasing awareness around mental health issues, providing resources to the community for accessing services, and decreasing stigma in
the college student community

Outpatient Therapy

Finance mental health treatment for low-income, often marginalized student communities. Treatment includes individual therapy, group therapy, and psychiatric services.